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About our Server

Our server is completely free, emulated on an L2J basis.
Emulation program provides a perfect game environment.

Server Rates

Drop/Spoil Amount Multiplierx3
Drop/Spoil Chance Multiplierx9
Experience/Skill Point (Party)x9 (x3)
Hellbound Trust Increase/Decreasex9
Quest Items Chance/Amountx9
Pet Experience Ratex25
Characters Weight Limitx9
Raid HP/MP Regen Multiplierx0.5
Raid Attack/Defence Multiplierx0.5

Custom Mods

  • Autoloot (automatically picking up items)
  • 60 Minutes Buff (Include Dance/Song)
  • Easy Buffer (Tutorial and Community)
  • Free Teleporter (Tutorial and Community)
  • Free Class Masters and usefull Rewards
  • Access to Subclass without Quest
  • Transformations without Quest
  • All Soul/Spirit Shots in All Stores
  • Enchant Stones in Mystery Cubic
  • Karma player can be killed in Peace zone


    Support our server. Vote for us!
    And get some reward in game
    (just write in chat .votereward)

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